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Power From Sun

About the Author Bill Seavey

Bill SeaveyWilliam L. Seavey has been experimenting with solar power since the early 90's, when he first installed a small 50 watt system in his motor home with the assistance of a technician involved with Australia's annual solar race car competition. He lived out of the "solar-powered" motorhome for periods of up to three months "boondocking" around North America--testing the limits and possibilities of a VERY small system.


He has since gone on to install small photovoltaic systems in a suburban house in coastal California and in a strawbale house he built himself in Baja, Mexico (for pix see Only after 12 years of experimentation did he undertake the writing and research of The People's Guide, and, in late 2014, embarked on selling the emergency/supplemental back-up DIY instruction manual for "EE-BASIC" (The Solar Solution). The concept was a semi-finalist in a California "tech pitch" competition.

In addition to writing and publishing, Seavey has taught a class in "green energy" for the Osher Institute of Lifelong Learning sponsored by California Polytechnic University (San Luis Obispo, California) and helped organize a six expert free panel discussion at the local public library on Electric Transportation (EV's) attended by almost 150 people. He has also presented programs in energy conservation in general as a response to global warming concerns. (For speaking engagements, please contact Mr. Seavey directly).

Seavey is the former director of the Greener Pastures Institute, a rural relocation consulting organization once mentioned in The Wall Street Journal, Good Housekeeping, Mother Earth News, New York Times, Fortune, Countryside and elsewhere. For many years he assisted urban individuals seeking to live more self-sufficient and environmentally responsible lifestyles in rural America. In the course of this work he also authored such books as Moving to Small Town America (Dearborn Financial) and the Eden Seeker's Guide (Loompanics), still available from Amazon.  For his other innovative books, see

Seavey is married with two grown children and seven grandchildren. He divides his time between locations in Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. His primary home is in Cambria, California, equidistant between L.A. and San Francisco.



Sun Power

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