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Power From Sun

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

about Solar and Back Up Power Generation


Is this really better than gas generators?

Yes, in many instances. Unless your home/workplace is really large and has multiple floors, the EE-BASIC unit will be able to supply up to 2000 watts of continuous power for multiple appliances (using power strips and extension cords) lasting anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the appliances' draw. If you need way more power, then gasoline or gas generators are still a solution, albeit an expensive one especially if they need to be wired into your house. And then there are the fumes, noise, access to gasoline (maybe interrupted), confusion about set-up etc…


Why/how  can you make this so affordable?
It wasn't just a couple years ago. A solar panel sizable enough to make the system do what it promises (recharging batteries in as little as a day) was selling for $5 watt, or nearly $1000 for just the panel alone. Prices have come down at least 2/3 but the panel remains the most expensive component of the system. I have been determined to make a DIY kit available for around $1000, which makes it within range of most people and competitive with gas generators. There is no other unit on the market this affordable, but totally assembled systems (mine eventually will be) can be found for between $1800-$4000, not all of which even have the capacity of EE-BASIC…


Will solar work in an overcast climate?

As long as there is sunlight, whether filtered through clouds or fog, solar charging is going on--perhaps 50% to 25% less, granted.Obviously, EE-BASIC will work better in sunny climes and where there is no obstruction from trees, other structures etc. My original manual has sold to every state in the union and every province in Canada.


How complicated is this system to put together?
Demystifying electricity and solar power has been a 25 year long goal of mine. I basically liken a small solar electric system to a desktop computer and peripherals, which has maybe 4-5 components (printer, keyboard, mouse etc.) A solar system has about the same number of basic components (panel, batteries, inverter(s), charge controller, wiring). Putting these things together is not complicated if you follow the detailed instructions in my manual--whether you get the components yourself or buy my total kit. Once you have everything in front of you, it ought not to take more than 1-2 hours.


Do you guarantee the system?
At this time components that fail can be returned to the original manufacturers for replacement, and this is particularly true of the Costco batteries which you buy and have a 30 month full replacement guarantee. Batteries might fail if they are not being kept as fully charged as possible (unlikely if solar panel is attached regularly) or aren't "watered" every few months. (Similar to a car battery in a car not being used much, or a car regularly used and you never checking the battery from time to time for corrosion and low water levels). While we can't take returns directly, we can advise you about how to deal with a problem by email or phone call (full system kit purchasers only).

Sun Power

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