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Power From Sun

What They're Saying About The People's Guide


The People's Guide is's packed full of exactly the kind of information I've been trying to find everywhere without success. Thanks for making my do-it-yourself-on-a-small budget dreams possible. Home Dreams looks great, too. In the same vein, I'm about to build myself a sustainable, self-sufficient, off-grid, eco-friendly earthbag micro-cottage, with a roof rainwater collection system and a water storage tank. This cottage will be my home while I save money to build a larger studio later. Then it will be transformed into a composting toilet/showering cottage. Meanwhile, I cook with a solar oven, shower with a solar shower - and I look forward to expanding my relationship to the sun soon with a modest solar power system, thanks to your help."
--Christina Bautista
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico



"These cheapo systems definitely are the answer for DIY (do-it-yourself) people and would-be PV technicians. Seavey offers them a way to familiarize themselves with solar concepts before deciding to go further and tackle larger systems. One should not underestimate the number of people who could become PV users thanks to such "hobby-type" systems. So if you are willing to consider second-hand panels from highway maintenance companies, or consider the interesting one-solar-room-in-your-house approach, or if you are just new to solar power, we definitely recommend this great reading."

--Gregory Boutin-Wang
Editor, U-Solar News



"I would like to thank you for publishing your very informative book.  I have been able to build a small system, beginning with a 50 watt panel and two 6 volt golf cart batteries connected to make 12 volts.  This system works with a 600/1200 watt inverter and the charge controller shown in your book.  I added another 50 watt panel for a total of 100 watts and with our tropical sun here in Panama they can easily charge the batteries plus three more 12 volt batteries I added.  Please send me another book, as I gave mine to a friend."

--F. Jose Gonzalez,




"A practical and accessible guide for everyone who wants to become less dependent on conventional energy sources. And that includes most of us. The People's Guide to Basic Solar Power will help you turn your dream to live more intentionally and sustainably into a reality; and for far less expense then you ever imagined."

--John O. Andersen



"'s clear to me now that solar is a more realistic resource of long-term energy supply than filling the world's natural spaces with huge wind generators... maybe one day efforts can be done so that people don't have to figure things out and spend tons on equipment but will be able to buy and plug in their solar kit very easily to supply energy as they need. I'm sure your book is helping in that direction."

--Edgard Swingert



"I saw your web pages and would like to order your book. I think your idea of encouraging people (like me) to TRY solar is a good one. I have an abandoned house in the mountains of Virginia. I visit it on weekends and would like to run a small refrigerator and a couple of lights, maybe a fan (editor's note: no problem!). Later I would like to be able to add to the system to make it a full-time off-grid house."

--Jim Ishee



I read your book a few times in the past six months. I even put together a PV system that I use to power my home office. It will run a desktop computer for only two hours now in January but works fairly well in summer and fall. I live in Northern New Hampshire--so far maintenance is (only) keeping snow off the panels!! The system I have is a 120 watt panel, a 1000 watt (3000 watt surge) inverter and a charge controller. (I disconnected the controller since we don't get enough sun during winter to overcharge) and two marine batteries of 115 amps each. My total cost was actually under $1000. If it wasn't for your publication, I would probably have never attempted this......

--Ralph Gregorio
Northern New Hampshire



I saw the newspaper article about you and I wanted to send my congratulations. I think alternative sources of power are very important and I wish you luck with your work.

--Peg Pinard, Supervisor, San Luis Obispo County, California


I recently got the People's Guide and have learned a great deal from it. Not only have I learned about small systems, but I also feel much better about the large system I just purchased for my house. Thanks for the info!

--Reverend Dave Warren


Hello, I recently ordered your book and just got done reading it. The People's Guide is just what I needed!! I finally understand how solar power works. Some books I have just didn't make sense and were needlessly complicated.

--email from "the burrow"


I came across your site last night and promptly lost four hours of sleep reading through all that you have to say about solar energy. Is it really so easy to do? Why are more people not doing it?



Hi! Bill, got it today, already read it. Great information, very good, practical advice. I believe it will be very helpful for East Africa.



Hi Bill, I was reading your web page because I am looking for a solution for the poor people in Columbia. We have a lot of problems because of the war we are having--the guerrilas love to put down the energy towers. Do you think that we could build a cheap solution for our people? Many of them just have a TV, small fridge, a fan and a couple light bulbs...

--Jaime Pastrana


Hi Bill, I thought your website was pretty much the best one I've come across about solar energy and how we can use it to save the earth. Other websites were unclear and confusing with many illustrations or just plain solar cells with prices next to them.

--Larn Vinh Huynh


Editor's Note: Since publishing this book we have received a rather remarkable interest in applying the techniques in "underdeveloped" nations. A book has traveled to Afghanistan on a mission project, and we have had requests for it from Tanzania, Switzerland, Spain, and Pakistan. We made copies available to a small village in Kenya that donated fourteen cows to America for its losses on September 11th, and we plan to donate to a relief organization in Cuba. We'll be posting more testimonials on the impacts of these donations.

Bill Seavey
Author of The People's Guide to Basic Solar Power

Sun Power

©2014 Bill Seavey

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